Enodah Kennel             

Only 15 minutes from Yellowknife!



Enodah Kennel was started in 2015 with a mission to provide quality dogsled tours whilst never sacrificing the wellbeing of the dogs. We are a reasonably small kennel with around 35 dogs, ensuring that each of our animals receives all the attention they need from Aaron, Sam, and the staff.


Enodah Kennel is located 15 minutes from Yellowknife in our own secluded section of forest. We train all our dogs to be loose together and we work 12 months of the year training and exercising our pack of sled dogs. We encourage all our guests to interact with the dogs after the tour. Puppy cuddles are a must have!

The term "enodah" means "many lynx". This area has been aptly named, as throughout the season we are lucky enough to spot beaver, lynx, fox, squirrels, otters, and the tracks of much more wildlife, including wolf and moose. An hour with us is a true wilderness experience! 



Drive Your Own Dog Team 

45 minutes
$125.00 per person
Available Nov 25 - April 15

Enjoy the peaceful Boreal Forest by way of dogsledding. You will feel at one with the dogs as they lead you through the scenic trails of Enodah. You will learn the name and character of each dog on your team, to better understand why they are put in their different positions. 


This is a 45-minute activity in total, including a safety speech from your guides. This is a "Drive Your Own Sled" tour, but do not worry, you will be under very close supervision from Enodah's experienced guides who will be more than happy to help you along the trail! We encourage interaction with our happy working huskies and will gladly take photos of you driving the team through the forest. At the end of the tour there will be lots of time for hugs and photos with all the dogs. See the dogs in their natural environment when they are let loose to play with guests and interact and play together. 


There is a brand new lodge on site where you can warm up after the tour and enjoy a coffee, tea or hot chocolate. Washrooms are available.

Transportation from Yellowknife is available.


Contact Us to Book a Tour:
(867) 444-9591


Chinese speaking visitors please call:
(867) 873-4600



Aaron Peck - Senior Kennel Manager 


Life began for Aaron in southern Ontario. Growing up on his parents little farm Aaron was exposed to animals of all kinds. After Aaron was able to witness the Iditarod on TV as a boy he developed a keen interest in the awesome sport of dog mushing. Already a dog lover, combined with Aaron’s love for winter and adventure made the idea of running sled dogs too hard to resist. In 1992 when Aaron was 13, an old sled dog team joined the family farm. Training his dogs and going to mid distance races around Ontario was Aaron’s primary focus during his teenage years. 

After several years of running his dogs in Ontario, Aaron realized his dream of running the Iditarod in Alaska was strong enough for him to head north. So he moved to Alaska to apprentice under Martin Buser, a 4 X Iditarod Champion. Aaron spent two years under Martin’s guidance learning about what it really takes to prepare for and compete in the Iditarod, before competing in his first great race.

Aaron returned home to Ontario with a plan. In 2005 Aaron made it to the Iditarod once again, but this time with his own dogs. In the meantime, Aaron moved to Grande Prairie in northern Alberta. The Adam Buffalo Ranch was an ideal location for Aaron to continue building his Iditarod team. Over the next few years Aaron and his dogs competed in numerous long distance races and also operated sled dog tours in Lake Louise and Panorama ski resort. In addition to running the Iditarod 2 more times in 2009 and 2013, Aaron won the 2011 Canadian Challenge 320 mile race in northern SK, also after 5 attempts Aaron won the prestigious International Pedigree Stage Stop Sled Dog Race in 2013, a gruelling 7 day stage race in the mountains of Wyoming.

In 2012 Aaron began managing the Kleskun Hills Bison Ranch, also near Grande Prairie. Soon thereafter Aaron met his wife Eva while racing in Yellowknife in the Canadian Championships. Eva who is from Switzerland was no stranger to snow and competition, Aaron credits his marriage with Eva for taking his professionalism with his dogs to the next level.

In 2014 Aaron and Eva re-branded their sled dog team as Elevation Sled Dogs. In addition to racing, Elevation Sled Dogs also offers tours to the Grande Prairie region. Aaron and Eva also began a dog boarding business in 2014.

Currently Aaron and Eva have two children, Clancy 4 years old and Sunny 2 years old. After a 5 year absence from Iditarod Aaron returned to compete in the 2018 race. Aaron and Eva along with all of the supporters are taking their dogs to a new level. The goal is to be competing at the front of Iditarod within the next 3-4 years with the ultimate goal of becoming the first Canadian team to win the toughest race on earth - the Iditarod.

They have now expanded to bring their happy and excitable tour dogs to Yellowknife, and will continue training their indomintable racing team on the many, many miles of trails in the great frozen north. 




Samantha Damiano - Station Manager & Kennel Supervisor


Originally from Australia, Samantha's background in sled dogs is based around the Rocky Mountain area. Her love of dog mushing has been strong since she was a child and now that she is living in Canada she is getting to live her dreams out! Samantha is not only a dog musher, she is a cameleer. She spends as much of her summers taking people on tour by way of camel in the australian outback, when not doing tours she is either catching camels or training them. With an extensive background in veterinary medicine, dog training and animal rescue Samantha is a great addition to the Enodah Kennel team!

Sam spent the winter of 2017/18 with us, and has since fallen in love with the wilderness life. She eagerly returned in the fall to drive boats around Great Slave Lake for Enodah Wilderness Travel, and will be the station front's smiling face this winter, as she prepares to take on a management role, while of course getting loads of time with her beloved dogs, looking after the kennel when Aaron is away claiming more racing titles! Sam will welcome any and all questions about the area, dog sledding, camels, and more - animals and traveling are her greatest passion topics! 

2018 Qimmik 50 mile endurance race - 3rd place, sportsmanship award

Connor McMahon - Dogsled Guide & Resident ice-fishing champion


Originally hailing from Rockwood, southern Ontario, Connor first came up to Yellowknife this summer of 2018, and has returned for every season since! An extremely experienced fisherman, he enjoyed guiding guests in the waters around Enodah island all summer, and showing them hiking trails and amethyst mining all fall. With a working background in the Albertan oil fields, Connor grew up with dogs and had his first professional experience with them at a young age, learning to train and handle Belgian Malinois and German Shepherds for protection and attack work. Dog-sledding is no new venture to this experienced guide - he grew up  hearing tales of his grandfather working dog sled teams for survival, and has since built his own sled to harness Chummie, his over-sized (with an over-sized attitude) Alaskan Malamute to pull himself and his ice-fishing gear around on the lakes surrounding his home. This will be Connor's first winter guiding dog-sled clients on our beautiful boreal trails, and we are extremely excited to have him on board! You will also find him guiding ice-fishing at Trout Rock Lodge a few days a week. With a giant smile, never-ending stories, and a cheeky spirit, Connor is a huge asset to our company. He can't wait for the season to begin, and has built up his truck for the long journey from Ontario to Yellowknife, with plans to stop and include his favourite hobbies of hiking and fishing with Chummie along the way.