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Trout Rock Lodge offers the best damned trophy pike fishing on the planet. Guaranteed!

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Northern Pike (esox lucius)

The fastest freshwater fish in the world!

Enodah Wilderness Travel and Trout Rock Lodge have catered to anglers from all over the world for more than 20 years. Our mission is to put trophy size pike on the end of your line. Anglers come to Great Slave Lake with very high expectations. They never leave disappointed. Monster Pike are everywhere!

  • Enodah is rated #1 fishing destination in the world by Hank (Henry Waszczuk) in Fins & Skins special anniversary edition 2015.
  • In-Fisherman Field Editor Matt Straw rates Trout Rock Lodge among the top spots in his list. He says the lodge location in an archipelago formed by thousands of islands, protects some of the most expansive far northern pike habitat on earth. Straw says you’ll find lots of trophy pike over 40 inches long. And he reports more 50-inch pike are caught here every year than anywhere he’s been. 


Why are the Pike so Big up here?

We are the Only fishing lodge in the North Arm of Great Slave Lake.

There is an abundance of bait fish, no fishing pressure, catch and release policy, perfect habitat, thousands of unexplored islands and shallow weedy bays, and a world famous lake that is 300 miles long. That’s just for openers!

You could spend several lifetimes on Great Slave Lake and never fish the same place twice. Better still, the absolute best fishing holes are very close to the Lodge. No time is wasted traveling to the fishing grounds.

Even the everyday shakers are healthy and savage and will arm wrestle with you right to the boat. Really big pike peel line from the start, shake your shoulders and run time and time again. It’s a special kind of day landing a four-foot pike. 99% of our clients catch a 40″ trophy or better during peak season, late May to late July.

Fishing on top with a fly rod, casting a Moss-Boss, or buzz bait is especially exciting. You can actually see the boil of the Pike as they stalk their prey. Their attack is ferocious and several hits may occur before the final strike.

We promote catch & release. Single barbless hooks are mandatory.




The valuable experience and traditional knowledge of our guides is unmatched. Trout Rock Lodge employs professional guides from all over Canada. They are masters at preparing a Northern Canadian shore lunch of filets from the morning’s catch with all the fixings. Most of our guests prefer a Great Northern Pike shore lunch, hands down, over Walleye!

We use 18′ radio-equipped Jon boats with 40 HP outboards. These boats and motors are the perfect combination for fishing the weedy shallows and rocky shoreline of the North Arm.



Your Accommodation



(Minimum two people, June 1 to July 31)

3 full days of fishing 5 full days of fishing 7 full days of fishing  
US $2500.00 + GST per person US $3600.00 + GST per person US $4700.00 + GST per person  

* Balance is due 60 days prior to arrival. All prices subject to change without notice.


Package includes:

  • Pick up at Yellowknife airport
  • Float plane charter from Yellowknife to Trout Rock Lodge return
  • Accommodations and meals at the lodge
  • Boat and motor with 1 guide per 2 guests

Package does not include:

  • Taxes, Accident insurance, Cancellation insurance, Fishing licenses,
  • Fishing tackle (for sale at the lodge), Alcoholic or mix beverages (licensed lounge at the lodge)
  • Accommodations in, or en route to Yellowknife, Gratuities

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If you are on a busy schedule and just want to get away for a day, Trout Rock Lodge is the perfect destination. It is located only in 12 minutes by floatplane from Yellowknife and you can fly out at 8 o’clock in the morning, relax and fish all day and still be back in Yellowknife for dinner at 6:00 PM.

Cost: US $795.00 per person + GST (minimum two people)

Package includes:

  • Float plane charter from Yellowknife to the “Rock” and back
  • 8 hours of guided fishing
  • Canadian shore lunch
  • Rod & reel and life jackets

Package does not include:

  • Fishing license, Lures (available at the lodge), Gratuities

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A Government fishing license is required for fishing (can be purchased at the lodge) click here for info.